Dousing the fires: On the crisis of hegemony, the forthcoming war of manoeuvre, and how only love can win this war – Part One: introduction and understanding ‘hegemony’

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Agent of History

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Part One: Introduction and understanding ‘hegemony’

The world is ablaze!! In Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Portugal, Pakistan, London, fires burn, destroying lives and fuelling the fires of righteous rage spreading across our entire planet.

The fire that burned down the high rise Grenfell Tower in West London two weeks ago killed dozens (hundreds?) of (overwhelming Muslim and non-white, immigrant) working class people. All people with love in their hearts feel grief and, yes, a burning anger.

In the glare of these fires, why would anyone call for social theory?! Why the hell should we think about theorising about the state of the world when we are called by the most excruciating anguish to act in it right now?! It sounds crazy, but I want to argue that we need theory right now to make…

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For the many, not the few

Today’s the day…

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

Vote to end war, for peace and for justice. Vote for schools and hospitals, the poor and the homeless.

Vote for your children, their health and their future. And vote to say you want this world to be better.

Say no to poverty, to hate and austerity. Vote for what’s yours by right, not for handouts and charity.

Vote to help me, to save us and a better life for you. Vote Labour today, for the many, not the few.

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To UK readers – A vote for Labour is a vote for yourself, for ourselves

Agent of History

Dear friends,

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging in recent months. It’s been a combination of a bit of a crisis of confidence (which I’m over) and a lifestyle change that’s seen me move away from my desk for a few months. I’m actually working as a tour guide for a bit here in Oxford, before I move with my family to Bristol in late July. It’s been fun!

Anyway, here we are on the eve of another general election. I just want to make one main point – that a vote for Labour is really a vote of confidence in yourself, in ourselves, in society, in hope. I’ll explain what I mean in a second, but, first, this statement comes with a massive caveat: if you are in a constituency where Labour cannot win, but another party other than the Conservatives can then DON’T VOTE LABOUR. PLEASE don’t increase…

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Why we should all resist the Tory art of distraction

It’s been a privilege to read your blog posts Jeff. I hope I’ll be able to shake your hand someday, that will be a privilege too. Take care mate…

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

The General Election has entered familiar and predicable territory. The Tories, struggling to resurrect a failing campaign, devoid of policy and, well, any campaigning, have opted to distract and smear instead. It’s a sign that they are terrified and ultimately a backhanded compliment for Labour.

However it is important we challenge their attempts to pull the wool over our eyes. Their obsession with dredging up long lost quotes and comments and their desire to distort for their own ends, is worrying. If it’s not challenged, politics could become a sterile exercise, with people terrified to voice opinions for fear of falling outside the ‘mainstream’.

I’m nearly fifty now. It actually pains me to write that. Not that I’m ashamed of my age. It’s just, well, I really don’t know how it happened. Like many of you reading this, it feels like one minute I was 17, then I blinked and…

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May’s politics of fear and the avoidance of scrutiny

It will be in towns like Manchester and Liverpool that the tide will turn. The future will be one of love not hate, helping not exploiting, sharing not accumulating wealth, participating in the decisions that affect our live, not being lead…or we have no future worth having.

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

There are two paths we can take in the face of violence and hate. Manchester just pointed out the right one.

Theresa May, however, has chosen to use the understandable fear and revulsion of the people of Britain to justify the continuation of a failed approach to global terror, which has cost countless lives, billions of pounds and has left us even less safe than we were before. The temporary suspension of campaigning in the general election was appropriate but it must now be lifted, so that the opposition can hold her to account.

We have never needed a debate about the role our country plays in the world more than we do now. There is another way to respond to this atrocity and the public needs to hear it. To allow Theresa May to shape our response to terror without debate, risks a continuation of failed policies.

In the…

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Tory “Dementia Tax” chaos: May hits self-destruct

Kep them coming Jeff….

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

The mask has finally fallen from Theresa May’s face. In truth it had been dangling precariously for weeks now. However the complete chaos surrounding the release of the Tory manifesto and the botched attempt to roll back from her flagship policy, the “dementia tax,” reveals once and for all an utterly shambolic leader, devoid of principle and lurching from one crisis to another.

The eventual release of the Tory manifesto turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. In it was a promise to make the elderly pay for their care by forfeiting their children’s inheritance. Radio phone-in shows have been bombarded by angry voters, calling in to complain. Even the Tory Bow Group described as the biggest stealth tax in British history. To add insult to injury, The Spectator declared that people earning under £85,000 per year would be better off under Labour.

Lynton Crosby’s decision to turn the…

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